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About Megaearn Technologies

Megaearn Technologies is an online platform launched Officilay by CEO Megaearn Technologies 2/11/2020 at 8:00PM. Our main aim is to enable jobless people to make money online.

About us

Welcome Bonus

We give a ksh 200 free to all new users joining our platform.This means you will be able to earn ksh 200 once you join Megaearn platform.

Earn From referrals

Megaearn enables users to earn by referring other users in the following levels: Level one-ksh300 ,Leve two- ksh100 and level three- ksh50 . This means all users are able to make over ksh 10,000 daily.

Free Spin

Megaearn allows users to spin for free and win upto ksh 3,000. The spin days are always communicated in the user dashboard.

Earn from Blogging

Megaearn also allows users to earn upto ksh 2,000 by writing blogs , The earnings are automatically added into the user account.

Why choose Megaearn

Megaearn is the leading and easiest online money making platform that has enabled many users make money daily.

Instant Withdrawals

Megaearn system has been configured to enable instant withdrawals to all users upon cash withdrawals to mpesa.It takes upto 2 seconds for funds to reflect in your Mpesa account once a withdrawal request is initiated bt user.

  • Avoids delay.
  • Convenient to all.

Instant Account Activation Process

The process of Account activation in Megaearn has been made efficient and faster as it activates the user account as soon as account activation fee is paid.

Reliable Platform

Our website is secure well encrypted and all your credentials will not be shared to anymore. This makes sure all user details are kept private.

  • Username remains private to specific user
  • Password are not shared to anyone.
  • Account is controlled by owner.

Guarantee to earn

Megaearn is the only platform that guarantees anyone joining is able to make money easily as there are many ways of earining money daily.

Some of the earning ways include : welcome bonus, earinings from survyes, earnings from blogging, the Big Quiz,Referral earnings e.tc

How Megaearn Works

Follow steps below to set up your Megaearn Account and begon earing daily.

Create account

It takes few seconds for you to sign up on our website.

You can Click Hereto create an account for free.

Account Activation

You will be required to pay an activation fee of ksh 500 to have your account automatically activated.


You will be given a unique referral link upon logging in to your account.

Begin earning

Earning from the website begins here through the 8 ways of earning on the platform


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Here are daily life testimonials made by Megaearn Technologies users.


All Our customer care help desk services are offered for free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I invited a friend and i did not earn

    Before you reach our customer care help desk please login to to your account and check if the user is on your referral list, the referral list is found on the referral link in the user account.

  • The password reset option is availble on the login page indicated as Forgot password click this link , you will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter your email address that you entered during registration. After entering your email address you will get a pop up message saying Success, Your username is xxxx and your new passsword is xxx. You will be required to use this details to access your account.If you get an error saying Sorry, this email addres is not associated with any account it means you entered a wrong email address You can click here to reset your password Click Here

  • Please login to your account and check the user if the payment statuscolumn is 1 if the payment status is 0 it means the user has not logged in to his/her account to confirm payments. Advice the downline to login to account to confirm payments.

  • Make sure you use the same number you created an account to make payments.This will facilitate automatic account activation process except in cases where one pays with a diffrent number he /she created an account with. In such scenario you are required to inbox admin your username m mpesa message of the payments and the phone number that made payments and the one in your account via whatsapp no .0791952214

  • Yes you can activate it any day of your with , you will be required to access the login page and choose the option activate here After clicking here you will be directed to a page where you will be prompted to enter your phone number you used to cretae an accoount with , then enter Mpesa pin to complete your transaction and your account will be activated automatically. YOuu can Click Here to activate your account.

  • Yes you can change your account details except phone number. The option of account updation is found on the My account tab when your logged in. Here you can change your username, email address etc. If you want to change your phone number please contact us via 0791952214

  • That's strange but okay, please contact us

  • That's strange but okay, please contact us via 0791952214

  • 1st confirm you have withdrawn to the right MPESA number. If so, Please don't panic, We will authorize the payment .

  • NO Please do not edit your referral link, share it the way it is from your account , otherwise you will not be able to earn.


Feel free to contact us for any assitance Mon-Mon 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Our Address

50100 , Kakamega, Kenya

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Email Us


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